How to Keep Squirrels Out Of My Garden?

Squirrel visiting your garden can cause serious damage you may not think possible. They can eat up your veggies, ruin your fruits and nuts and even burrow ground in the garden causing different kinds of damages. For that reason, you need not to allow this smart and cute animal to deceive you again with its entertaining dance on trees within your garden. What you need to do is to act fast when you discover that squirrels are coming closer to your garden to avoid eating up your fruits and other things in the garden. Then, how to can one keep Bellingham squirrels away from garden?

Secure Your Garden with Fence to Avoid Bellingham Squirrel Infestation
You can easily avoid squirrel infestation in your garden by simply covering your garden with fence. The fence can be made with wire mesh which will over the sides and top of your garden. The animal will struggle to enter into your fence but will be demarcated with the fence. That will definitely discourage them from coming into your garden to damage your crop, veggies, fruits and nuts.

Get Squirrel Repellent to Keep Squirrels Away From Your Garden
It is really interesting for you to know that there are different kinds and types of squirrel repellents which you can use to make your garden unattractive to them. But, since the artificial repellents are not really effective means of repelling squirrel you can go for natural repellent like predator urine and others. That will make the squirrels to feel presence of predator and be scared away from your Washington garden. The motion activation sprinkler can equally help to scare squirrel away but that is mostly temporal.

Buy a Live Trap to Get Squirrels Out Of Your Garden
Indeed, you can easily find different kinds of Bellingham squirrel traps which you can use to trap and relocate them away from your garden. The live cage trap is one of the most popular humane ways of controlling squirrel infestation in garden. However, you must ensure that you set the trap with good bait in order to get squirrel lured to your trap.

Contact Animal Control Experts to Remove Squirrel from Your Garden
You can solve your Washington squirrel infestation problem permanently in the garden when you contact animal control for professional service. They will know the best means to rid your garden from all kinds of squirrels and ensure that your garden is preserve and protected against future squirrel infestation.

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