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A wild animal infestation usually comes with its fair share of bad smells, and we've probably encountered them all over the years. That has left us with unnaturally strong stomachs, just perfect for dealing with those situations you can't … or just shouldn't! (We're kidding; we have normal stomachs, but we are super experienced in the removal of carcasses with the least amount of muss and fuss.) That's not all: we're experienced. Our friendly operatives have years of experience behind them, and they're all fully-trained, licensed, and insured, meaning that they are perfectly equipped to deal with whatever challenges a problematic pest might throw at them. With years of experience also comes a wealth of knowledge that only really comes with getting up close and personal with these creatures. With that knowledge also comes respect, and we respect each and every animal we come across, dealing with it in only the most humane ways. When dealing with rodents, we never use poison. In fact, we pride ourselves on taking the most humane approaches possible, and that's why live cage traps, preventative efforts, and exclusion devices will always be used before the death of any animal is considered.